Card Access System & Pin Access System Singapore

Card Access System & Pin Access System Singapore

Card Access System Singapore


A card access system incorporates a safety and security system that limits access to doors with an Access Card via an Electronic Card Scanner. It provides authorized personnel safe and secure access and egress or entry or exit of various parts of your premises while keeping unauthorized people out. Some major benefits are:

• Simplifies Facility Access Management. No more worries about lost and / or unreturned physical keys. A lost or unreturned access card can be quickly deactivated.

• Minimize Duplication Risk. Duplicating a secure access card is much more difficult than duplicating a physical key.

Access Information is Recorded for Easy Retrieval. Door Access (entrance and exit) are logged automatically, and reports are easy to generate.

• Easily Programmed for Enhanced Security. For premises with multiple doors, authorization and / or revocation of access rights to specific locations can be easily programmed. As such, highly secured areas with sensitive or valuable assets can be easily protected with access given to qualified individuals.

• No Pin Needed. With card access, the problem of needing to remember a PIN, which is easy to steal or share, is eradicated.

• Easier Identification. Easy to identify the number of people that are on the premise and even those in each section.


A typical Card Access System consists of the following components:


Card Access Reader. This ranges from least secure Magnetic Swipe Card Scanner, to more secure Smart Card Access, Key Fob Access and Proximity Card Access Reader. Hybrid Multi-tech readers with Keypad PIN Access, Access Card Readers, Fingerprint Scanner and / or other Biometric recognition system can also be deployed.

• Physical Access Cards. This consists of matching card type corresponding to the Entry Control Device which can include Magnetic Stripe Cards, Contactless Smart Access Card, Access Key Fob or Proximity Card.

Door Access Lock. This is commonly in the form of Electric Magnetic Lock, Electric Latch or Bolt Lock. Backup battery is usually implemented to allow continual access control even during power failure.

Door Access Control Egress Device. This can consist of another Controlled Device for exit control and recording or a simple Push Button Exit, Push Bar Exit, Emergency Break-Glass Exit, Motion Detector and / or Delayed Egress.

Card Access Control Software. This allows the administrator to set access levels and periods, generate and view reports and perform audit checks.


Astrol Security Engineering Pte Ltd offers a broad range of pin access and card access systems designed to grant or deny entry to office buildings, airport terminals and other sensitive areas that are inherently insecure and easy to hack.

Our range of professional card access system consists of reputable brands like Soyal, Entrypass, Smartkey, SecureProx, EzeProx, ELID, Red, Micro Engine and more. We offer the following Card Access System :

We provide servicing for other brands of Pin Access & Card Access Systems.

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