Visitor Management System


Astrol Visitor Management System is designed to facilitate the process of visitor registration, check-in and check-out for business with substantial movements of external personnel within it’s premises. Using barcode scanner and database for easy record keeping and retrieval, the system provides a pleasant and efficient workflow for both visitors and security personnel. A webcam and a desktop printer can be used to capture visitor’s image for instant printing of Visitor Pass.

The Visitor Management System is a web application which could be operated using any modern web browser. The system offers standard functionalities but could be customised to individual organisations requirements as well as integrated with other security system for seamless operations.

The operations are effortless as illustrated in the followings.


To launch the application, open a web browser and click on to the Visitor Management System application URL. Scan visitor’s Identity Document (NRIC, Work Pass, Passport or Customized pre assigned QR Code / Barcode) in to the CHECK-IN field to start registration. Scanning of Identity Document is performed with a Bar-code Scanner for ease of operation.

Scanning is performed easily with a handsfree barcode scanner.

Upon scanning in visitor’s Identity Document, the system will open up a registration form where visitor’s information and visitation details are filled in. Visitor’s image may be captured using a webcam for printing of Visitor Pass.

A suitably mounted webcam enables visitor’s image to be easily captured.

A sample of a printed Visitor’s Pass.


When a visitor is leaving, scan either visitor’s Identity Document or Visitor’s Pass into the CHECK-OUT field.

The system will open up the visitor registration form showing details of visitation. Click on Check-Out and records are saved.


A visitor list facility is provided for easy searching and viewing of current or past visitor’s record.


A reporting facility is provided where past visitations may be listed and printed out. The report could be generated based on date range as required. Customized reports may be provided upon request.

We offer the following Visitor Management System: