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Autogate System Maintenance and Servicing


Can you recall when was the last time you had your automatic gate repaired, checked or serviced? If not recently, we recommend getting an auto gate repair or service by us. Automatic Gates provide both convenience and security. They are expected to be working daily.  Don’t make leaving and returning home a frustrating event and avoid more expenses from emergency auto gate repair in Singapore.

Auto gates are more complicated than the traditional manual gates. Leave it to us to handle the repairs as we have our experts ready anytime 24/7.

We provide the best service for auto gate repair in Singapore.

Our Auto gate System Annual Maintenance package (Residential) starts at $450.00

Some of the available system servicing work includes Checking and Testing of Remote Receiver / Transmitter, Remote Push Button, Operation / Function Timing, Screw Terminal, Gear Rack Alignment, Stopper, Lockset, Photobeam Safety Device, Lubricant / Grease, Power Supply and Housekeeping. Book our auto gate repair service now!



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With 40 years of experience, our team of automatic gate systems specialists are experienced in auto gate repair, installation, and maintenance. We also provide round-the-clock auto gate servicing and emergency troubleshooting services. No need to worry about your auto gate malfunctioning in the middle of the night, we can keep your home safe with our auto gate repair whenever you need it.

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We provide Auto Gate Repair Service in Singapore to keep you safe, safeguard premises and as well as reduce operational costs. To understand your needs, contact our safety experts today at 6777 2828 or


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We offer quality and highly durable auto gates in Singapore for residential and commercial properties. From trusted products to proven auto gate repair and maintenance services, you can count on Astrol Security Engineering for your security needs.