Biometric Access Control and Fingerprint Access System Singapore

Biometric Access Control System and Fingerprint Door Access Control system

Fingerprint Biometric Door Access System

Biometric Access and Fingerprint Door access control system Singapore – We offer a broad range of Biometric Access Control and  Fingerprint Door access control systems designed to grant or deny entry to / exit from office buildings, airport terminals, and other sensitive areas that are inherently insecure and easy to hack. Gone were the days when forgetting keys, cards or access codes meant doom. We make modern electronic Biometric Access and Fingerprint Door access systems affordable and accessible to all.

Fingerprint door access system is a more convenient security solution for offices in Singapore. With this biometric door access system, you and your employees will not need to consume a lot of time keying in a password (although it comes as a backup option). Since our fingerprints are unique from person to person, you can guarantee that only authorised persons can enter your premises.


We offer the following Biometric Access and Fingerprint Door access control system:


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