CCTV Rental


Rental of CCTV


Temporary CCTV surveillance systems work very well for temporary installations such as job / work sites, events or conventions. These temporary CCTV surveillance systems can be set up just about anywhere and relocated as needed.

Usually, these temporary CCTV surveillance systems are connected to a building’s network or even a dedicated internet data service and all recordings done in a Surveillance Hardisks.

Many temporary CCTV surveillance systems can also be monitored remotely. IP cameras allow anyone with the correct address and password to monitor the sites from just about anywhere in the world.

Temporary CCTV surveillance systems are less expensive than a permanent CCTV system because there is minimal installation and wiring costs.

However, as they use digital connectivity, temporary CCTV surveillance systems can be susceptible to hacking if they are not set up correctly. Therefore, it is important to get expert advice on installation and configuration to ensure that your CCTV network is secured.

Having an effective CCTV surveillance system in place allows you to maintain a constant record of activities. It increases the overall security of a location and can even reduce security costs.

A well laid out system requires fewer guards on site to monitor and protect your investment. One person in a central location can watch all entrances and exits as well as the high-value areas of your business.

Having visible cameras provides benefits all on their own. They can act as a deterrent against a criminal or wrongful activity.



Why rent?


Whether to buy or to rent a CCTV system depends on many factors, such as :

– How long you plan to operate in your current location / facility
o Having an effective surveillance system in place will greatly contribute to overall security- The physical size and layout of your current location / facility / function
o If you have a very large warehouse, you might need fewer cameras than a medium sized office with dozens of enclosed rooms, but the camera types will probably need to be different to cater for the different fields of view

– What will you be using the CCTV system for, and :
o Permanent basis
o Temporary basis
  < Rental CCTV systems are an excellent choice for contractors or developers, to monitor job-sites which often house hundreds of thousands of dollars in tools, heavy equipment, and building materials

– How comprehensive a CCTV system you need :
o The value of your investments, goods and structures will be one of the biggest deciding factors when deciding on the scope of a CCTV system.

Some other reasons to rent a portable / temporary CCTV surveillance system :

– Trial and compare new equipment on the market before making any long-term financial commitment
o To quickly source system replacements
o Quickly supplement own equipment

– Cost savings
o To support busy periods where additional CCTV systems to fulfil a specific contract or
o To minimise downtime whilst your own units are away for repair
o No hassle and / or worry over replacement and repair costs
o Rental fees normally cover the cost of the
 < Equipment,
 < Cablings and
 < Troubleshooting of faults.

– No hidden costs on rental fees
o Monthly fixed rate
o Check and replace faulty equipment on site during service call, if any

– Standard package
o Consists of reliable IP cameras,
o Network Video Recorder (NVR)
o Remote viewing
 < From mobile phone or desktops
 < NVR and remote viewing apps navigations are user friendly
o Surveillance hard disks
 < Choice on number of days of footage recording depending on the number of cameras deployed and frame rates

– Pay-as-you-go approach
o With renting, you only pay for equipment as and when you need it.
o More efficient budgeting for on-going projects
o Not stuck with depreciating assets during quieter periods