Sommer Barrier, Germany

Sommer Barrier, Germany

Product advantages


Flexible adjustment
The boom can be shortened on-site to the exact dimensions. This allows for customised production directly at the construction site.

Economic installation
Thanks to Plug and Go, installation consists only of set-up and connection.

Emergency release in the event of power failure
In the event of a power failure, the emergency hand crank can be activated manually to open or close the barrier.

Safety due to obstacle detection
Automatic obstacle detection ensures that the barrier opens automatically when it encounters an obstacle (reversion) so that no vehicles get wedged in and no people get injured.

Connections for safety accessories
All connections for safety-relevant accessories are already present.

Long lifetime
The rugged, high-quality components guarantee a long lifetime.


We offer the following Sommer Barrier:

ASB-6010 4/5/6 metre Sommer Barrier