CCTV Hi-Definition (HD) Series


As technology has advanced, so has the quality of security camera systems. High definition systems are now the most common in new installations. CCTV uses high definition mega pixel technology. These systems record in much greater detail, giving better image quality for the customer on live footage and especially on playback.

You can also zoom in on recorded footage, meaning you need less cameras to cover bigger areas. HD Camera also provide better facial recognition, as the information is recorded in higher detail enabling better zoom in on detail.

We offer the following CCTV/DVR Hi-Definition (HD) Series:

ADHD-04Px – Indoor Fixed lens HD-SDI Dome Camera

ADVHD-05Px – 3-axis INDOOR IR dome CAMERA

ADVHD-64Px – Outdoor IR BULLET HD-SDI Camera

ADS-0401-1080P-H8Ex – EX-Series HD-SDI Digital Video Recorder

ADS-1604-720P-H8Px – PX-Series HD-SDI Digital Video Recorder