Safety Auto Barriers & Turnstile System Singapore


We offer the following Electronic Road Barrier Systems:

  • MAG TTS 200 Series

We carry other range of Auto Barrier System which is

  • NICE WIL Barriers
  • BEA Matrix2S1 Loop Detector
  • IR-2000TS Photobeam 20 meters
  • Smartgate Carpark Barrier
  • ELID Smart Gate Barriers
  • RIB, Italy Barriers
  • CARDIN Barriers
  • CAME Barriers

We provide servicing for other brands of Auto Barrier System.




Turnstile was effectively control high volume human traffic while still maintaining a welcoming atmosphere. They can easily be integrated with any electronic system for ticketing, access control or time attendance.

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Electronic Road Barrier

The Electronic Road Barrier is the intelligent traffic safeguard, it control the traffic of the vehicles and control the unauthorized vehicles for entrance the premises.

We offer the following Electronic Road Barrier Systems:

  • Italy FAAC 615
  • Italy FAAC 640
  • MAG intelligent barrier