Security Alarm Systems Singapore

Security Alarm Systems Singapore

The Burglar Alarm System that uses advanced technology for burglary and environmental detector. All the zone sensors and LED/LCD Keypad are link to the Alarm Control Panel, the alarm control panel act as the main brain to monitor all the zones.

The siren will trigger off when detecting intrusion from any of the zones, at that moment, the zone number will showed on the LED/LCD keypad. The siren can be stop by key-in the arm / disarm code.

We offer the following Security Alarm System:

  • KABA Keyswitch
  • Paradox Infra Red Motion Detector
  • Sentrol 1078 series
  • Sentrol 2500 series
  • Sentrol 3005 series
  • Visonic DUO 240 Ceiling Mount PIR Pg 1
  • Visonic DUO 240 Ceiling Mount PIR Pg 2
  • NX4, 4 Zone alarm control panel
  • NX6, 6 Zone alarm control panel
  • NX8, 8 Zone alarm control panel
  • NX8E, 8 Zone alarm control panel
  • Gemini P1632, 8 Zone alarm control panel
  • Paradox SP catalogue
  • Alarm Accessories

We carry other range of Security Alarm Systems which is

  • CADDX Series
  • GEMINI Series
  • DSC Series