CCTV Surveillance System Singapore

CCTV Surveillance System Singapore


CCTV Surveillance System Singapore – CCTV is known as Closed Circuit Television is most commonly used for surveillance. Security Cameras are now universally featured in many public and private institutions, from a correctional facility to the convenience store. Reduce the costs of staffing and operating observation towers and make it possible to maintain a constant watch on all areas of the facility.

CCTV has become so much less expensive over the years that both large and small stores are able to install cameras as a deterrent against theft and robbery, a practice, which municipal authorities have adopted as a way of curtailing crime in public housing and even on city streets. In many areas of the country as well as in Europe, Security Cameras have been placed in highly crowded public areas as a security measure against terrorism.

We offer the following CCTV Surveillance Systems:


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  • Digital Video Recorder – 16 Ch
  • Camera – VCC4795P


  • PIR camera
  • LCD monitor 15
  • LCD monitor 17
  • LCD monitor 19
  • TD DVR
  • Everfocus DVR
  • Proxess DVR
  • D-Vigilant V10 Series Dome Camera
  • Advert 6369 Day Night IR Camera Long Range
  • Advert 8366 Day Night IR Camera 480TVL
  • DCK 255 Controller & keyboard
  • DSC 728SE Speed Dome Camera
  • D-Vigilant V81,V91 Series Day Night IR Dome Camera 600TVL
  • DVR 4CH SDS-DV1004
  • DVR 1600S
  • Microengine MDVR Series
  • Witura 3G Camera