Pin Access & Card Access Singapore

Pin Access & Card Access System Singapore

A broad range of access system designed to grant or deny entry to office buildings, airport terminals and other sensitive areas are inherently insecure and easy to hack.

We offer the following Card Access Systems:

  • AEI DK-9680
  • DK-2871 Standalone Pin & Prox Reader
  • DK-2890 Standalone Pin & Prox Reader
  • DK-9826 Standalone Pin
  • No Touch Sensor Exit Sensor
  • Soyal AR-401E
  • Soyal AR-716E
  • Soyal AR-721H
  • Soyal AR-721W
  • Soyal AR-727CM
  • Soyal AR-727H
  • Soyal AR-737P
  • Soyal AR-757H
  • Soyal AR-821EF
  • Soyal AR-829E
  • Soyal AR-WG readers
  • IBA-7612
  • RA-309
  • Elid (Full Range)
  • MicroEngine XP-M1000X
  • MicroEngine X Portal
  • SC103

We carry other range of Pin Access & Card Access System which is

  • MICRON Ezeprox & Ezekey

We provide servicing for other brands of Pin Access & Card Access Systems.

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